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Becoming a Brother


A deep desire for God is central of our way of life and, in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we see the perfect expression of God's longing and love for us.

This desire for God will manifest itself in a commitment to growing in the life of prayer, generosity, hard work and sacrifice within the life of the community of Brothers.

There are four stages in the process of training and discerning if one has a vocation or not.


This involves a number of visits and sharing in the life of the Brothers as a guest. It will also involve discussion and discernment by yourself and the Brothers about your possible vocation and the next stage if that is felt appropriate.


This is like being a guest except that it is for a period of up to three (3) months and with the explicit intention of thinking about joining the Brothers.


This next step takes a more definite form and your responsibilities move from that of a permanent guest to someone in training. It's for two (2) years and will be tailored to suit your spiritual and educational background and age.

Temporary Vows

This is a serious step where both you and the community enter into a definite commitment. Up until now, both you and the community have been free to decide not to go ahead. The temporary vows are for a minimum of three (3) years to ten (10) years with most being taken somewhere in between.

Life Vows

This is the final stage when you apply for Life Vows or life membership with the Little Brothers of Francis. If elected, these are made in the presence of our Bishop Protector.

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