Collage of the life of the Little Brothers of Francis
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Monks, Nuns and Religious Brothers and Sisters may live on the margins of the Church and they may even seem in disarray themselves at times but their way of life is a way of responding to Christ's love for us and the message of the Gospel. The Church is incomplete without them.

The great spiritual tradition of the East, as seen in the Orthodox Church, places monks and nuns at the heart of spirituality, as does the Roman Catholic tradition. The Anglican Church, and some Reformed Churches with places like Taizé, have also recognised how impoverished the Church is without this way of life in its midst.

Therefore, we need to make a serious commitment to pray that this way of life is constantly renewed and reinvigorated so that it flourishes among us. To assist this, we have produced a prayer: but it is more than just "saying a prayer" that we are asking.


Prayer for the Religious Life


Lord Jesus Christ, in your great love you draw all people to yourself and in your wisdom you call us to your service. We pray at this time that you will kindle in the hearts of men and women the desire to follow you in the religious life. Give to those whom you call grace to accept their vocation readily and thankfully, to make the wholehearted surrender which you ask of them, and for love of you to persevere to the end. This we ask in your name.   Amen.


This prayer is available on a bookmark from all Religious Communities.

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