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Our vocation or charism is to go out into the desert or a place of solitude, hence the name Eremophila, for the place where we live.

We see ourselves firmly in the contemplative tradition of the Franciscan movement which dates back to small groups of brothers living in hermitages set up by Francis himself.

Therefore, what we can offer here is for one person to come and have a desert experience; that is, to have a time to be alone with the Lord and with oneself. This approach to visitors is reflected in the thinking and planning that went into the design and building of our Hermitage for Guests. A desert experience cannot be had in a group and, for this reason, we do not accept requests for groups to stay or for day visitors and tours.

Visitors are requested to be sensitive at all times to those who wish to be silent.


Directions to the Hermitage for Guests
Directions to the Hermitage for Guests

Our Hermitage for Guests (Callistomen Cottage) is simple but comfortable, located in a bush setting. Although situated approximately 250 metres from the Community building, it is close enough to allow you to share fully in the life of the Brothers. It has solar lighting and its own water supply. Bathing and toilet facilities are located near the Community building. Linen, bedding and towels are provided.

Although all meals are included in the tariff, guests are expected to get their own breakfast and lunch at the Community building. A cooked evening meal is provided by the Brothers.

What does it cost?

The Brothers do not exist in a vacuum. There are many hidden costs involved in maintaining the property; rates, power, gas, food, building maintenance, a community of Brothers to welcome you and a building that took a year-and-a-half to build! We charge $50 to $60 per day which includes simple accommodation as well as food.

What to Bring

Visitor with Br Howard admiring a rock wallaby

Visitor admires a rock wallaby

Comfortable casual clothes and shoes are the order of the day. However, except in the height of summer, you should bring some warm clothes. A good torch would also be handy.

As well as taking part in the life of the Brothers, there's plenty of time to indulge yourself in such activities as reading, birdwatching, bushwalking or swimming. And there are plenty of rock wallabies to watch. So, if you are interested, come prepared for those activities.

Arranging a Booking

All visits must be pre-arranged!

If you wish to arrange a short stay, please contact the Brothers.

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