A deep longing for God is central to our way of life, and in Christ we see the perfect expression of God’s longing and love for us. We seek as a community of Brothers to deepen our relationship with God through prayer, manual work, community, and times of being alone in our hermitages.

The Little Brothers of Francis are

A Franciscan religious order in the Anglican Church in the contemplative tradition

The Little Brothers of Francis is a recognised religious order within the worldwide Anglican communion. It is a member of the Advisory Council for the Anglican Religious Life in Australia as well as a member of the Franciscan Federation of Australia which is comprised of the Roman Catholic Franciscan communities and those Anglican Franciscan communities recognised by the Advisory Council.


Who Are We?

We are a community of Brothers who desire to deepen our relationship with God through prayer, manual work, community and times of being alone in our hermitages. We follow the Rule written by Saint Francis for Hermitages in which three or four Brothers live in each fraternity. As others join us, we envisage a federation of fraternities with three or four Brothers in each.

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Little Brothers of Francis Franciscan Hermitage “Eremophila” PO Box 162 TABULAM NSW 2469
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Franciscan Hermitage
“Eremophila” Bruxner Road TABULAM NSW 2469

Our Bush Telegraph

The Bush Telegraph is an international newsletter published in Winter and Summer each year by the Little Brothers of Francis. It brings readers up to date with news of the Brothers as well as presenting occasional articles related to the faith or the contemplative life. There is no charge for the newsletter but donations towards the cost of its production are always welcome.

To read current and/or past copies of the Bush Telegraph, see here.

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When folks ask us, "What are you guys all about?" We like to refer them to our Presentation. It has everything!